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Artwork Shipping

Artwork Shipping in Hallandale Beach, FL

Art Packing and Shipping Experts

Art pieces no matter the medium need to be packed and shipped properly to prevent damages while in transit. Paintings, sculptures. Ceramic art and prints are 2D and 3D pieces that need different packing due to the difference in size, shape, form, volume, and mass. All this terminology might seem the same to you but, each of them has to be taken into consideration in order to ship items accordingly for a successful relocation.

Moreover, shipping these type of items via UPS, FedEx, DHL or the US Postal Service, the items must be packed to sustain at least 4-foot drop without the box and the piece disassembling. That is why experts like Parcel Shipping Service can take on these tasks and provide you with all what it takes regarding art packing and shipping services.

The staff at Parcel Shipping Service are expertly trained in all aspects of packaging, and shipping artwork. We have custom boxes, crates and shipping material for framed artwork and other 3D pieces to prevent the shipment to withstand any inappropriate handling by the carriers.

For packing and shipping artwork in Hallandale Beach, FL, visit the experts at Parcel Shipping Service.


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